improved sleep & digestion

reduced livels of stress & anxiety 

faster wound healing

re-establishes a positive body image

decreased chemo & radiotherapy symptomology

relief from pain & discomfort

KEY BENEFITs include: 

Can you communicate with my oncology team?

Massage therapy is both safe and wonderfully effective for those in remission from, being treated for or living with cancer, providing benefits such as pain relief, reduced stress and anxiety, faster wound healing and improved sleep & energy levels. As a fully qualified Oncology Massage Therapist, my training and expertise enable me to support you, wherever you are on your cancer journey, helping you to re-establish a positive connection with your body. Every person's journey with cancer is unique, and my role is to listen to what both you and your body need most, and provide you with a treatment that's effective, whilst respecting the impact of the cancer and any medical interventions might be having on the body, and respond accordingly, with a mindful and nurturing approach.  

Cancer Care & Oncology Massage 

Absolutely. I feel that effective & open communication between all professionals charged with your care is essential, and our role is to work together, with your health and wellbeing at the forefront. 

What about home care advice?

In addition to your time spent with me during our sessions, I'll also focus on providing you with as much information and guidance as you need with regards to home care and ways in which you, or those caring for you, can help to continue supporting your health and wellbeing at home.

How else can you help me during my cancer journey?

*If you, your carers, or any member of your oncology team should have any further questions that aren't answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll be more than happy to discuss this further.

My knowledge & expertise in all areas surrounding physical, mental & spiritual health & wellbeing, enable me to provide you with the very best level of holistic care and support. So whether you're in need of nutritional guidance, or emotional or spiritual support, I'm qualified and able to provide you with any assistance you need, helping you to access a wide range of support all in one location.  

Why work with me? 

Oncology Massage



For further details, please feel free to get in touch via the website using the link below, or alternatively call or email me directly, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Block booking discounts are available for all therapy services, and gift vouchers are also available on request. Bespoke combinations of all therapy styles are available for those clients who would find this beneficial, and you're welcome to call and discuss this further.

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