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Treat yourself or someone you love to the complete Cancer Care Aromatherapy Set (10% saving on individual items), which includes a Soothing Scalp & Body Oil, Sleep Pillow Spray, Nourishing Balm, Aroma Inhaler, Pulse Point Oil & Diffuser Blend.

Key ingredients:
✔ Soothing Chamomile & Calendula
✔ Calming Lavender
✔ Refreshing Peppermint

Complete Cancer Care Aromatherapy Set

For full ingredients and application instructions of each item, please see individual product pages.

Handmade in the UK using natural,
cruelty-free ingredients.

sensible cautions:

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. In the rare instance that irritation occurs, discontinue use. When using new products during your cancer treatment, it's recommended that you consult with your doctor or oncologist. 

further details:

✔ Soothing Chamomile & Calendula
✔ Calming Lavender
✔ Refreshing Peppermint
✔ Uplifting Lemon

Set contents:

30g Nourishing Scalp & Body Balm
60ml Restful Sleep Pillow Spray
60 ml Soothing Scalp & Body Oil
Nausea Relief Aroma Inhaler
10ml Stress Less Roll-on Pulse Point Oil
10ml Nausea Relief Diffuser Blend

key essential oils:

With a therapeutic selection of calming, & uplifting essential oil blends, designed to help you feel soothed, nurtured and care for. 

emotional benefits:

A selection of skin kind blends, lovingly hand blended with naturally nourishing ingredients, to soothe and calm you during your cancer treatment, both at home and away.

skin loving benefits:

Feel calm & relaxed as these delicately scented,
gentle blends care for you inside & out... 

All formulations have been professionally assessed and comprehensive product safety reports issued, confirming their suitability & safety for use.

*10% of the purchase price will be donated to the Cancer Card charity.
Click HERE to find out more about how Cancer Card are supporting those affected by cancer.

- Helen S

"Sophie products are amazing! Beautifully packaged, wonderful scents and really effective balms. The Scar Balm is incredibly soothing and the Energising Body Butter feels and smells gorgeous."

- Shelagh M

"Sophie’s Digestive Balm is not only an absolute joy to use, it has played a key role in my journey back to wellness. It really does feel like a treat in a tin!"

- Jo

"Sophie's pillow spray is amazing! I cannot sleep without it. I love the smell, it's heavenly and unique and is really soothing. I cannot recommend this enough!!"

- J Brown

"Sophie's pulse point oil is perfect for feeling grounded & calm. It smells lovely & comes in a handy bottle that can be kept in your purse or pocket. I never leave the house without it!"

- Ava

"Sophie’s peppermint and mandarin lip balm is my new go to! It’s so buttery and smooth and leaves my lips feeling moisturised for hours! The taste is immaculate and is so gentle and soothing. I could not recommend this enough!!" 

- Autumn

The soothing scar balm absorbs really nicely into the skin and leaves my skin feeling really soft. The appearance of my scar  improved in just a few days."

- Olivia B

"I'm so pleased with my Sweet Orange lip balm! It makes my lips look hydrated and healthy, and the natural orangey smell is amazing! It's transformed my dry, chapped my lips completely! "

- David 

"I purchased the Breathe Easy blend to help with congestion at night time, and this has really helped me to breathe and sleep more easily!"

- Maya

"I’ve loved using the cocoa butter lip balm! It’s really helped to heal my cracked lips and they're feeling so much smoother and hydrated."

- Keith

"I've been using the Muscle & Joint balm on my arthritic elbow, and this has really helped to reduce any soreness, and made movement much more comfortable. A really nice warming effect too."


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