Speed Up Your Recovery From Winter Colds & Coughs

As the cold weather arrives and you’re faced with the usual winter bugs, how can you support your body to stay fit and healthy?

As darker mornings and colder temperatures arrive, sadly so too comes the inevitable cold and cough season that we’re faced with each winter.  

Whilst the idea of hibernating under our duvets through the winter months, pleasantly shielded from the rest of the world sounds incredibly appealing, life does indeed go on. And we’re subsequently exposed to a variety of germs and seasonal bugs as we go about our everyday lives that can leave us feeling dreary and under the weather.

This year, many of us are also finding that our immune systems are compromised following previous Covid infections, making it harder than usual to shake off what would seem like very typical colds and coughs. There are of course simple steps that we can take at home which can help to naturally boost our immunity, such as getting adequate sleep, hydrating well, eating a healthy & varied diet, and staying active through the winter months.

However, did you know that aromatherapy can also be used to help ease the side effects of a stuffy nose or troublesome cough? Or that massage can help to flush the body of toxins and speed up your recovery?

If you’d like to find out more about these and other natural ways to feel your best this winter, feel free to call or submit an enquiry for a complimentary consultation and I’ll be happy to help.

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